Published On: 03.07.2013|Categories: Company News|

In previous Newsletter editions, we have kept you informed of the development of the four projects that we have carried out this season, for several campsites in southern France.

Whilst it has not been easy, due to the difficulties to which the weather subjected us, we can proudly say that all the projects were finished on time and that the campsites’ visitors are already enjoying them.

It should be noted that this year has been one of the wettest remembered in recent years in south-eastern France, an area that usually enjoys a benign climate, a circumstance that has greatly complicated the execution of the work.

Despite the inclement weather, precise planning, motivated and sensitised personnel, allocation of additional resources to counterbalance any unforeseen event and a business commitment to meet the deadlines in spite of any adverse circumstances, allowed us to achieve the goal.

The customers of these four renowned campsites have been able to enjoy these new works and installations since mid-April. As always, the best reward for us has been our clients’ gratefulness. They have been able to appreciate the work undertaken and the laughter of their visitors who have enjoyed our pools, attractions and theming from the very first day.

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