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We’re currently working on the development of a high-quality prefabricated house, with multiple custom-made options.

It’s a modular building, easy to transport and install, which adapts to different sizes according to client needs. The façade’s cladding is made from noble materials with great aesthetic qualities.

Designed for the enjoyment of both the interior and the exterior space, it’s equipped with a retractable pergola with which the user can regulate the relationship with the surrounding space, controlling the views, as well as providing shade or shelter.

Of course, we have taken into account all the factors that lead to our preference for a prefabricated house, over a traditionally constructed one:

  • Construction speed: Without the headaches and the months of work of a traditional home.
  • Sustainability: Environmentally friendly, without foundations or environmentally-aggressive installations, with high energy efficiency.
  • Low cost: the price per square meter is greatly reduced.
  • Multifunctionality: from a single-family dwelling to a luxury hotel room, as well as an office, shop, service building, restaurant.
  • Customization: our prefabricated house includes everything necessary for its habitability. It also allows the reorganization of the spaces and selection of materials to suit client tastes.