Published On: 03.07.2013|Categories: Company News|

Amusement Logic has been selected to prepare the architectural and engineering project of the new zoological park of the city of Perm (Russia).

As planned, the new zoo will be located in an area of more than 34 hectares and will feature various differentiated areas, to house the different species that the park will have, in a completely natural environment. Visitors will therefore be able to enjoy themed areas such as the African Savannah, the Forest Mosaic, Elephants and Co., Mountain Dwellers and Polar world, amongst many others.

The different areas of the zoo will be perfectly set out, with true reproductions of the different geographical environments in which the animals are naturally found.

Following the immersion concept of visitors in environments that recreate animals’ natural habitats, wide pavilions and extensive exterior areas will be designed, so that visitors can both enjoy themselves and learn, in a completely natural environment.
Works are expected to finish within one year, in order to start work on the site of what will undoubtedly be the best zoo park in the Russian Federation and one of the best in most of Europe and the world.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the authorities of the Region and the city of Perm, as well as the current zoo’s directors and local projects team, for the trust placed in Amusement Logic.

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