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In a new proposal for organic architecture, on this occasion, Amusement Logic’s Design Department imagines a series of living rooms of different character in the heart of luxury villas. Fluid and curved lines, sinuous silhouettes, a colour palette that plays on astonishment and surprise, bold at times, intimate simplicity at others, seek to imbue the residents with a positive emotion.

The architecture, the textures and colours that dress it, the furniture that embellishes it and makes it functional, blend into a harmonious dance of organic forms. After all, numerous scientific studies support the idea that environments that mimic nature have beneficial effects on people’s mental health and emotional life. As such, the living rooms of these villas are a beautiful heart in which to live, but also a nest that restores the soul.

Indeed, the design of these rooms surpasses conventional boundaries. The organic forms transcend them. They transport the mood to a deep sense of calm and communion with nature, almost as if we were in our mother’s womb.

By Nerea Iturbe, designer in Amusement Logic’s Design Dept.