Published On: 25.05.2023|Categories: Company News|

On this occasion, from Amusement Logic’s Design Department we’re sharing with you an interior design project for a themed restaurant: Oasis. Our aim in developing this carefully designed interior is to transport diners to an exotic desert environment. The warm, earthy tones of the wall coverings, the carefully carved and integrated furniture and benches, as well as the vegetation, every detail has been chosen and incorporated into the design to evoke the feeling of being in an exotic oasis.

One of the highlights of the design is the lighting. In the Oasis restaurant we have used it to highlight key elements and create a welcoming ambience. The delicate play of light and shadow evokes sunlight as if filtering through the leaves of the trees, adding a magical touch to the dining experience.

In addition, the materials used in the Oasis restaurant add to the overall feel. From the hand-carved wood to the themed elements. We have paid special attention to a selection of quality materials that ensure durability as well as beauty. The choice of every texture and every surface has been made with the aim of creating a tactile and visual environment that effectively suggests the theme of a desert oasis.