New product: AquaScream


To combine the experience of gliding through water at great speed and the acceleration and freefall sensations of a roller coaster, we have patented a vehicle especially designed for a new slide: the AquaScream.

This shuttle model keeps the user’s head and neck properly restrained and cushioned so tricky loops, twists or descents can be performed. The self-aligning runners only require the tubular track to be slightly dampened, in order to slide and accelerate on descent.
The braking system is achieved through a run-out style braking section, which reaches the passenger loading area where the next user can access the vehicle quickly.


As occurs on roller coasters, great part of the excitement is produced during the ascent to the top and the design of the vehicle adds a sensation of speed. It is perfectly integrated with the lift-system, ensuring contact with all the interior surfaces of the tube and it can incorporate lights or rotating propellers that produce shrill whistles.

It’s a fascinating concept for amusement or water parks that wish to incorporate eye-catching hybrid attractions, for an adrenaline-rush seeking public.