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We’re continuing our study of decorative systems that superimpose new or existing buildings.

The module that we’re presenting has harmonic rhythm and structural regularity as its origin. Once again, the modular idea attempts to minimize costs and simplify the construction system, using standard structural shapes that can be easily manufactured and placed.

We’ve obtained a design whose main organizing principle is formal symmetry. This idea offers several very important advantages: it is scalable, as can be seen in the images. In this way, different sizes of the same module allow holes to be opened in the façade, wherever necessary. Whether the building to be covered has been previously built or not, window holes in the façade are no longer a problem, as the dimensions of the component pieces of the façade can be adapted to the building’s measurements.

The module can protrude from the existing building, allowing the concealment of installations or a change of appearance.

The corners, which can be complicated in this type of coverings, are also elegantly solved in this design.

The modules can be manufactured to fit in shipping containers, whilst maintaining the optimum dimensions to be placed to evenly cover walls or ceilings.