New interior architectural project in Cape Verde

Amusement Logic has been chosen as the architecture studio commissioned with the interior design development of one of the new hotel complexes that will be carried out in the city of Praia. Located next to the sea, the complex, which has a 5-star hotel, a 4-star hotel and a convention centre, will become a tourist landmark on the island.

Proyecto interiorismo Cabo Verde

Cape Verde is an archipelago composing ten islands, situated in West Africa, off the coast of Senegal. Tourism is one of the country’s main economic activities, with visitors attracted by its warm climate and contrasting landscapes; rugged and capricious reliefs, green and arid views, extensive beaches and steep coastal areas are appealing for tourism.

This potential is limited by the country’s hotel capacity and is the reason why the development of modern, quality hotel resources has become a strategic objective for the Government and in which the majority of international chains are already involved.

The Client commissioned us the project, valuing our knowledge in the sector, our experience in international projects, and our creativity and capability of coordinating with the teams of other disciplines and the hotel operator.