Published On: 06.03.2016|Categories: Company News|

When designing buildings, from museum or hotel complexes to private residences, during the years our designers’ and architects’ creative abilities have captured our clients’ attention. We undertake architectural projects with audacious aesthetic and functional criteria which contemplate the latest architectural trends, sustainability and urban integration.

We are working on a project that is destined to become an architectural milestone in the city where it is located. A building with style characteristics such as those of a contemporary work of art. From a simple architectonic base structure, its façade develops a rhythm of moving lines that convert it into a monumental sculpture, without it losing any harmonic features.

Intended to be striking, the contemporary style created by the fluid lines of its design, makes it a focal point within the city.

The building’s main peculiarity resides in the change of scale: a sculptural piece that acquires the scale of a building that perfectly integrates into the classical urban plot of common buildings.