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This month we’re off to Malaysia, where we’re developing the design of a luxury resort on the island of Borneo, a paradise for biodiversity and diving mecca.

Despite its cultural wealth and touristic attraction, this area has a deficit of luxury hotel establishments, a niche detected by our client, who has entrusted us with the design of a tourist complex on a small island surrounded by coral reefs.

In addition to first class accommodation, the commission includes the planning of a series of leisure activities, to be carried out in aquatic spaces near the island, thus offering customers a recreational package that complements the hotel-only offer.

The project also includes an ecological and social aspect. Firstly, the resort will be sustainable and part of the profits it generates will be dedicated to clearing the plastics in the sea and to raise awareness among the local population of the advantages of caring for the marine ecosystem. Secondly, a tourism training program will be set up for the local population, to improve their employability and with it, their standard of living.

A new example of a project of these characteristics, which when properly planned, can bring direct and indirect benefits for the area in which it is being developed, as well as providing a high rate of return for the investor.