Majorca waterpark project progress

Mallorca water park

The attractions are now on site and we’ve started assembly: the park is already taking shape and the towers from which the kamikazes will start, are outlined against the complex’s skyline. Given the heights and slopes of the attractions, it’s easy to see that the park is aimed at the youngsters who visit Majorca in search of adrenaline and excitement, and not just at night.
We’re sure we’ll fulfil the deadlines and satisfy our client’s expectations. What we still have to think about is whether or not we’ll accept the challenge of being the first ones to race down the kamikaze slides! We must admit their height is truly impressive…
As we revealed Grupo Cursach’s new project in Majorca a few months ago, in this Newsletter edition we wanted keep you updated and inform that the project is making good progress. It is no easy feat to coordinate a site with more than 250 workers, where a hotel has to be renovated and a waterpark constructed in less than 6 months, but we love a challenge.