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Single-family homes that are still built according to a repetitive design, with each one the same as the next, turn streets, neighbourhoods and districts into uninspiring environments. These houses, built with standard materials and without any option for personalisation, reduce the freedom of choice of potential inhabitants, so that they can decide on little more than their location in the general dehumanised complex.

The development of contemporary architecture, with integral digital design programs, the availability of new materials and innovative construction systems, opens the door to extensive possibilities of personalization, without these having repercussions on the building’s final cost. The system of prefabricated modular homes MagiCube developed by Amusement Logic, facilitates the variability of the design of single-family buildings. It allows people to decide on the dimensions, layout, interior finish and exterior appearance of their home. The whole process at a reduced cost and with much shorter construction times than usual. A sufficiently efficient process to make the houses affordable to the same socioeconomic type of users that currently occupy those buildings produced in series for commercial profitability.

With the MagiCube modular system, the general design parameters are made more flexible. With it, the external aesthetic parameters reach almost infinite variability. Indeed, each module allows the incorporation of a unique architectural skin, almost like fingerprints. However, the function of the exterior façade is not only aesthetic, but also serves to save energy in the home.

The modular and prefabricated construction system we’re presenting today, is based on the combination of six laminated-wood units and four different types of metallic connectors. The basic module has a size of 5,500 x 2,280 mm (or 12.5 m2), and an interior height of 2.6 m. The structure allows for the elimination of intermediate columns and open spaces of up to 11 x 4.5 m. Each module can be transported pre-assembled or with the panels unassembled, arranged horizontally. In a typical configuration, it has insulation material up to 140 mm thick in floors and ceilings, and 100 mm in walls. In addition, we have developed our own roofing system that supports a wide range of designs. The approximate weight per module is 4,500 kg. The modules are easily installed on previously prepared foundations.

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