Through its Design Department Amusement Logic presents an interior design proposal for a chain of luxury shops that combines classic and modern elements. It is an interior design for an exclusive and cosy atmosphere. An extended vault, bathed in an exquisite shade of jade, that is the general design scheme for the interior of this chain of shops.

The golden lines running through the vault against the jade green give the interior a softly sophisticated air. The wooden counters add a touch of warmth, within the sober and clean lines that characterise the interior design. A kind of timelessness gravitates in the space. Lighting from invisible LED strips lends a modern, avant-garde timbre to the serene symphony of forms.

The colour combination of jade green, light wood and gold strips conveys a music of elegant distinction, luxury, exclusivity and refinement. Meanwhile, the ample spaces facilitate circulation and allow a complete visualisation of the products on display.

By Rebeca Pérez, designer in Amusement Logic’s Design Dept.