At Amusement Logic’s Design Department, we often seek to set new standards in interior design. Boldness or, in other words, the idea of pushing the limits of what is possible in design ,helps us to innovate and create unusual spaces. This is the case of the interior design of this winery and restaurant that we present in the image gallery. As you can see, rustic and natural rock formations cover the walls and integrate perfectly with the rest of the modern minimalist elements. The result is a space of great elegance, but above all cosy. After all, this is a restaurant and wine cellar in the high luxury segment.

Lighting plays a decisive role, not only for its functionality, but also as a dramatic element that enhances the textures and raw forms of the cave-like structure. With it, we highlight the natural beauty of the rock and create an exceptional atmosphere, unparalleled in the urban environment. Therefore, the lighting design reaches every corner of the premises, so that it can be appreciated as a whole, whilst enjoying the experience of eating and tasting great wines.

We have chosen a restrained colour palette, with earth tones complementing the grey and silver hues of the stone. With it we ensured that the architecture becomes the centre of attention without deviations. At the same time, we maintain a coherent aesthetic, in an exquisite measure, that respects and enhances the natural characteristics of the space. Dark woods, polished concrete flooring and subtle metallic details spice up the elegance of the contemporary, yet rustic ambience; luxurious, yet casual.

The elements of this interior design, from furniture to accessories, echo the music of rustic sophistication that emanates from the space. The interior design of this project by Amusement Logic is testament to its ability to compose bold and daring spaces, without losing quality, elegance, in short, all those elements that guarantee good living and luxury.