Amusement Logic’s Design Department presents a space whose design is based on the architecture and philosophy of Kengo Kuma, an architect known for integrating nature into his designs, as well as for his innovative use of traditional materials such as bamboo. In this case, it is the interior design for an urban space that combines the elegance of Japanese architecture with an ecological approach.

Multiple circular rooms in ubiquitous white are interconnected through openings in curved walls. A fluid, unobstructed experience awaits its users and so does the profuse vegetation, a presence not only motivated by environmental awareness and sustainability, but also to improve the quality of life, provide fresh air and a relaxing atmosphere for those users.

White walls, almost circular arches and clusters of bamboo and other plants invite you to enjoy a coffee at the tables. Or, to put it another way, they encourage social interaction in a calm, ecological and sustainable environment.

By Nerea Iturbe, designer in Amusement Logic’s Design Dept.