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In Amusement Logic’s Design Department, we have recreated the interior design of a special corner, the interior architecture of a restaurant where enjoying modern cuisine becomes an authentic experience. For this we have been inspired by a group of French artists from the end of the 19th century, known as Les Nabis, joined together by their preoccupation with colour.

In this colourful restaurant, the pillars mimic majestic nature through characteristic white stems, in a fluid dialogue with the purple floor and pink ceiling. This fusion of shades is complemented by the white furniture, which acts as a balancing factor in the vibrant colour palette of the surroundings on the “canvas”. Tables and chairs, in their simplicity, underline the elegance of the ensemble.

More than a simple restaurant experience, enjoying modern cuisine in this space becomes a journey from architecture to the art of Les Nabis and the echoes of modernism. A place where every corner tells a story, and every dish matches the architecture. A gastronomic and visual experience at the same time, beyond what is conventional.