Published On: 09.11.2022|Categories: Company News|

Amusement Logic’s approach to the design, architecture and construction of leisure and tourism facilities is based not only on the use of environmentally friendly renewable energies, but also on energy saving. Here we present an example of this perspective, the conceptual design of multi-purpose domes for public spaces: HexaBubble.

One of the most important sources of energy available to us is precisely solar energy. It is an energy that we can harness without great environmental impact, and that is what this new design, the HexaBubble, proposes. It is a dome made up of hexagonal modules, some of which, depending on their orientation, incorporate solar panels for the production of electrical energy.

The architecture of the HexaBubble domes makes them useful for a wide variety of uses: holding events or exhibitions, information points, climatic shelters, spaces for play and leisure, conference rooms, etc. With a futuristic design and prefabricated modular construction, self-sufficiency and sustainability add to these same virtues.

By Rebeca Pérez, designer in Amusement Logic’s Design Dept.