The Sultanate of Oman is currently engaged in promoting economically sustainable projects, with the dual objective of “satisfying the public’s needs and enriching life” in the country, on the one hand, and on the other, increasing the contribution to its economy of non-oil and gas related sectors. One of these projects involves the realisation of a 1.5 km2 leisure and tourism area near Muscat, its capital. An emblematic project of this initiative, in accordance with international standards, is the development of a water park in the area. After an international competition, Amusement Logic was awarded the development of the Executive Project and the supply of electromechanical equipment for said park.

The park combines outdoor facilities with other indoor ones. So, it will operate 365 days a year, for 10 hours a day and, in some special cases, even at night. The assigned area for development was 70,000 m2. According to previous feasibility studies, 42% of its visitors are expected to be Omani, 23% non-Omani residents and the remaining 35% tourists. Given the high percentage of visitors from the country itself, “specific local and regional cultural consideration is mandatory” when finalizing the water park’s executive design. Oman also has a large youth population, so it’s important that the park is also aimed at a family audience and that it has a children’s area.

Amusement Logic is currently developing the water park’s Executive Project, in accordance with the technical requirements requested by the client. We’re undertaking the works with BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology, as well as taking into account other important needs, for example, that the park must have a direct entrance and be connected with one of the complex’s hotels; or that it’s imperative the design addresses safety and maintenance issues; or that it allows and facilitates access for visitors with physical or visual disabilities. On the other hand, we’re also complying with the need to design the installation within the investment budget limits set by the developer. This last requirement means our team has to focus hard on optimization and value engineering, processes that nevertheless, are a regular part of our work.