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Residential towers in a harbour area that seemingly defy the rules of architecture. We have called them Glass Cubes Towers. The buildings, conceived from the idea of stacking shipping containers transformed into glass cubes, reflect the influence of Danish design and its focus on sustainability.

Glass Cubes Towers present irregular groupings, in apparent disorder, that evoke both a modern aesthetic, through the design, and a timeless one, through their similarity to the crystallisation of a mineral. Glass surfaces envelop each unit, allowing natural light to enter. The residents’ connection to the surrounding environment could not be more direct.

Glass Cubes Towers plays with space in a seemingly whimsical way, yet its units project over the water in strategically defined projections and recesses. Inspired by nature and the Danish philosophy of sustainable design, the housing towers represent the fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Moreover, this architecture is an example of the creative reuse of industrial products.