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A concept of prefabrication that has become obsolete, despite its novelty, is now giving way to one that is oriented towards the industrialisation of the different elements of construction. In a process of constant adaptation to new trends, where process control and the ability to guarantee the final quality of the construction is of vital importance, Amusement Logic applies its experience in new technologies in order to update prefabrication and take it to industrialisation. Certain projects, whether residential, offices, or leisure and tourism attractions, are reduced to simple modular structures that are produced in an industrialised way. In this way, construction processes and their energy, time and thus economic efficiency are improved. The ultimate goal is the automation of the construction without losing the individual design. Simple structures are added together and superimposed in a solution that makes it possible to compose a single whole in each case. This guarantees quality, design and competitiveness based on the reduction of construction times and economic and energy efficiency.


By Jorge Laguna Ortega, structural technician in the Architecture Department of Amusement Logic