Published On: 12.05.2015|Categories: Company News|

Just as we say that the face is the mirror of the soul, the façade of a building speaks volumes about it and what it stores within.

Not forgetting the functional aspect that it fulfils, the shapes, colours and materials with which a façade is made allows the building to have personality and be identified and distinguished amongst many others, thus creating a unique object.
Nowadays, a façade is the best business card for an architect and a declaration of intent of the work he or she has done.

Our 3D technology offers endless and creative solutions for creating façades and it is particularly suitable for the renovation or remodelling of existing façades. Not only does it provide both thermal and acoustic insulating properties, it is also very light and easy to install.
A great example is our latest work, the renovation of the façade of the reception building of Camping Les Pingouins, which forms part of the La Sirène group. Our 3DTech covering has transformed a traditional and somewhat nondescript building into an element that is distinguishing and representative of the camp site, providing the building and by extension the camp site, its own personality, allowing it to be easily identified and conveying a modern and welcoming image.

If you want to give your façade a face-lift, please contact us. We can study the solution that best adapts to your needs and transform your building’s façade into an iconic element.