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We’re currently working on an emblematic architectural project: a unique building, with reduced construction costs, but one that is still very visually attractive, with great habitability.

We’re moving away from the concept of a building as a concrete and glass box, towards developing new research with alternative materials to the traditional ones. These allow the design and construction of unusual buildings, with the double objective of integrating them perfectly into their environment, whilst also contributing something new. The advances in building construction-system technology today allow the flexibility and efficiency necessary to carry out projects such as the one we’re presenting.

Curved or extruded shapes with new materials, nowadays counter traditional aluminium profiles with “glass curtain” walls. The energy sustainability of these new materials is high, since the energy required for their manufacture is much lower than that required to produce traditional materials such as aluminium or glass.

The façade’s dynamism is a consequence of the articulation of several curved lines that seem to amplify the building’s visual appearance. Although its inhabitable core, made with prefabricated structures, is simple, efficient and low cost, its “skin” makes it an emblematic and characteristic building.