E-Sports stadium

In recent years we’ve been witnessing exponential growth in so-called E-Sports; videogame competitions that enjoy great popularity. In order to function correctly, these competitions need appropriate facilities that are capable of accommodating such specialised content.

Making use of our experience as creators of leisure spaces, we have developed a new building typology that covers all the needs created by this kind of competition.

Starting from a hexagonal geometry, common in strategic games, a multi-purpose building is developed capable of adapting to multiple uses and different capacity demands.    

The building’s footprint, of 6,500 m² is organised around a central core, where the competitions take place, surrounded by a strip that houses the main venues and a perimeter ring for traffic, events and shops.

The main characteristic of the central space is its versatility, as it’s able to divide into 6 parts to accommodate competitions of different capacities and importance. In this way, the following can be organised:

  •      6 simultaneous competitions / 373 attendees in each
  •      3 simultaneous competitions / 746 attendees in each
  •      2 simultaneous competitions / 1.119 attendees in each
  •      1 large competition / 2.238 attendees

Furthermore, this central space is capable of fold its stands leaving a large open space for carrying out diverse events.

The distribution of uses on the different levels can be segmented in the following manner:

Lower level:

  • 8 rooms / capacity for 46 occasional or amateur players
  • Resting and training rooms for professional teams
  • Dining, toilets and relaxation areas
  • Technical areas, storerooms and servers

Main level:

  • Lockers and entrance areas
  • Specialised shops (direct access from the street and from the interior of the venue)
  • VR zone  
  • Fan zone
  • Zone for brands and sponsors
  • Different points of catering and refreshments
  • Toilets
  • Independent accesses for each of the stands sectors

On the first floor:

  • Interview rooms, TV broadcasts and control
  • Private VIP rooms with direct views of the stage
  • Main restaurant
  • Toilets and technical areas

On the second floor:

  • Upper bleachers

Externally, the building has been designed on a singular geometry, easily identifiable through the combination of a hexagonal shaped footprint and a spherical dome. It is an individual building whose shape can be adapted to different locations, meaning it can be installed in large cities.