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Amusement Logic’s Design Department takes the concept of urbanisation to new heights. As such, this new architectural concept is a battle between art and engineering. Set amidst the beauty of cliffs overlooking the sea, this design project takes calculated risks in its innovative zeal. The concept, as a celebration, in clear reverence and quiet defiance of the evocative power of the landscape and the rocks, exceeds traditional construction.

An aesthetic of contrasts, at once powerful and respectful, fractious on the one hand and submissive on the other, is the protagonist of a design that sets the architecture in the natural environment, as if it were a sapphire or a coloured diamond. The cavernous spaces and the fluid, curved structures adapt and tame the geology of the cliff at once. Not only do we preserve the integrity of the environment with this design, but we also create a unique experience for the residents.

The interior design of these homes, in turn, projects the majestic exterior into the depths of the home through colour and texture. Wide, flowing spaces, furnishings that replicate natural forms, fire and water play their dramatic role in a dramatic décor, a work of balance between opposites, reflecting the inevitable duality of life. Projected by the bold and visionary design, an idea of feat pervades the atmosphere. Amusement Logic’s Design Department accepts the challenge and therefore pushes the limits of what is possible in architecture.