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In this newsletter we’re presenting one of the latest projects that we’ve recently undertaken. It’s a leisure centre which encompasses a great variety of leisure proposals, integrated functionally and spatially in a 100,000m2 terrain: an indoor and outdoor waterpark, pools and sports pitches, spa, adventure park, Canyoning, restaurants, public gardens, auditorium and events area, FEC and hotel.

As can be seen, it’s an unusual combination of elements, as it joins together free-access public areas with paid zones.

Villablino is a small municipality in Leon, with a mining past and currently in decline due to the disappearance of mines in the Laciana district. The project is being planned as a revitalisation strategy of the area, providing an economic alternative, based on sustainable tourism.

The Laciana Valley has many tourist attractions; ski resort, biosphere reserve, greenways, etc. The Diver Laciana project is intended to act as a catalyser and agglutinative factor in supplying added value and achieving the critical mass for the area to become a tourist destination.

In short, its seeks the formation of synergies, along with aligning the public interests of the creation of employment and a viable alternative for an area in transformation, and the private interests of promoting a profitable project.

Undoubtedly it’s an example to follow for many areas that find themselves in the same situation.