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Beauty of lines and natural harmony in various proposals for the shading system and aquatic refreshment area of a large public park on which Amusement Logic’s Design Department is working. The design combines functionality with a bold, yet elegant aesthetic.

The structures support canopies, in some cases with organic motifs, in others with architectural forms, over the park’s visitors’ walkways. In addition to providing shade and filtering the sun’s scorching rays, the designs blend effortlessly into the landscape and the urban environment, transforming the experience of walking through the public park. The shapes, the hollows, the curves all serve the purpose of maximising air circulation and providing respite from the heat. Both these canopies and the water features serve as meeting points and invite people of all ages to enjoy and socialise.

Streamlined lines and dynamic forms make a deep impression on passers-by while, at the same time, fulfilling their practical purpose. Or put another way, architectural elements provide aesthetic enjoyment and yet produce functional spaces open to interaction and outdoor living. In short, the urban public park therefore becomes a place of reference where beauty and utility intertwine.

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