Published On: 24.03.2023|Categories: Company News|

Amusement Logic’s Architecture Department is working on the design of a technology park located in a desert region. Firstly, its location in the desert has allowed us greater freedom in its design, as we are not faced with restrictions imposed by the aesthetic coherence with the surrounding buildings in an urban environment. In addition, the desert climate is also a determining factor, since, among other things, it allows solar energy to be used practically all day long and is therefore a factor in energy efficiency.

The circular shape of the buildings, which resembles a saucer, also offers advantages. On the one hand, it allows a rational use of space, as it maximises space on the ground floor while minimising dead corners on the upper floors. At the same time, the circular shape is ideal for maximum reception of the sun’s rays, which we took advantage of by installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs, as can be seen in the project.

The design divides the technology park into different buildings, each with a specific research function. This allows for better planning and a detailed design that meets the material requirements of each type of research. This will improve the efficiency of the research processes in the technology park. Finally, the gardens provided between the units of the complex, or xerogardens, created from low-water-consumption ornamental plants, provide a pleasant environment for the workers and therefore contribute to increasing their productivity and improving their well-being.