Through its Design Department, Amusement Logic dedicates a large part of its capacity and experience to the design of new aquatic spaces, in which swimming pools are the protagonists, whether in hotels or resorts, campsites or water parks. In this case, we present a conceptual design of a futuristic and sophisticated pool environment in a resort hotel.

In a market as competitive as hospitality, leisure and tourism, differentiation is key to attracting the most demanding customers. Amusement Logic understands this need and produces innovative designs that enhance the functionality and comfort of the resort hotel, as well as creating a beautiful space. Every detail, from the organic shapes of the structures to the choice of materials and colours, responds to the overall objective of providing an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation.

In the pool environment of this concept, the integrated lounge areas are not only visually appealing, but also extremely comfortable. The design of these areas aims to provide a perfect haven where guests can forget their worries and enjoy the water in total comfort. Natural elements, plants and water, contribute to this oasis that invites rest and relaxation.

For luxury hotels and resorts, high-end campsites and water parks, investing in innovative water and pool designs adds value to their offer. Not only do they differentiate themselves from the competition, but at the same time they offer their customers a unique experience, which is a decisive factor when choosing a destination. Amusement Logic creates, through its Design Department, exclusive environments that guarantee customer satisfaction and improve the profitability of the business.