Through its Design Department, Amusement Logic presents a new conceptual design of a spa complex. A place of peace featuring sinuous shapes and forms, as well as water.

An uninterrupted stream of curves and intricate arabesques, circulates between high ceilings and invisible pillars. Large circular skylights let in natural light overhead, seeming to expand the space and imparting a warm aura. Visitors will undoubtedly feel they are in a special place.

Design of a spa with arabesques 02

White pervades everything, contrasting with a navy blue hue produced by the effect of the lighting, the colour of the pool basins and the reflection of the water. Again, all these characteristics contribute to produce the sensation that the space is spacious and clean, serene, sober… A conceptual design focused on the user experience, a haven of peace for wellbeing and calm.

Design of a spa with arabesques 03

By Rebeca Pérez, designer in the Amusement Logic Design Dept.