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It is becoming increasingly common for modern restaurants to offer an immersive experience, in addition to culinary tasting. Therefore, in addition to delighting the palate, restaurants must provide an environment that delights the other senses. In this new project for the interiors of a restaurant, which we carried out in Amusement Logic’s Design Department, we combined natural elements with those of architecture. Our aim is to create a space in which the two converge in harmony, and which welcomes diners in a unique surrounding experience.

Flowing, elegant architectural lines, predominantly white, intertwine with the lush greenery of the vegetation. These forms, rather than rigid structures, appear to be natural extensions that underline and complement the surrounding greenery. The integration of natural light plays a key role in the design. Through strategically placed openings, representing innovative glass solutions, light penetrates the space and intensifies the contrast between the forms of the architecture and the vegetation. This lighting not only enhances the intrinsic beauty of the design, but also contributes to the energy efficiency of the facility.

User comfort is paramount in the design of any hospitality space. The seating areas, circulation areas and service points in this restaurant have been meticulously laid out, in a way that guarantees this comfort for each and every visitor. Precisely one of its distinguishing features is the integration of ponds. The soft, constant sound of water adds an extra dimension of relaxation to the ambience. These bodies of water not only serve as focal or visual points, but also contribute to the overall acoustics of the space, by attenuating noise and creating a serene atmosphere.

Finally, in this restaurant we propose the use of state-of-the-art materials, which meet strict fire resistance standards. After all, Amusement Logic always gives safety and regulatory compliance a central, essential role in any project. In the case of this restaurant, in addition to guaranteeing safety, these materials are perfectly integrated into the overall design, providing durability and aesthetic value.