Contemporary architecture has a rich source of resources and inspiration for the spirit, in the classical tradition of Islam. Amusement Logic devotes special attention to the interpretation of its decorative forms, with timeless designs of, among other architectural elements, building façades. With respect for the complexity and beauty of Islamic patterns, but also with admiration, Amusement Logic reimagines, investigates and modernises them through its designs.

These façades are an example and testimony to the symbiosis between intertwined geometric motifs, typical of Islamic art, and contemporary architecture. Our design updates these motifs and adapts them to modern aesthetics and functionality. They not only capture the intricate beauty of historical patterns, but also incorporate state-of-the-art technologies. In doing so, these façades become energy efficient and reduce the carbon footprint of their architecture.

Modern materials and advanced construction methods allow classical Islamic-inspired designs to achieve a scale and precision that was not possible until today. The façade is not only a decorative element, but also acts as a screen that filters light and heat. This keeps interiors cool and reduces dependence on artificial air conditioning.

This approach to architecture and design pays homage to the craftsmen and architects of the past. At the same time, it raises the collective heritage to a new level of relevance. Tradition thus takes pride of place in innovation. Amusement Logic updates the classical Islamic aesthetic with these façades, and transforms the contemporary urban fabric into an expression of respect and admiration.