Published On: 04.04.2017|Categories: Company News|

We are developing the architectural project of a resort hotel in the midst of the desert dunes. It will be next to one of the oasis of a nature reserve, one of the local population’s tourist destinations that abound in the Arabian peninsula. The complex, located next to the central lake of the oasis, offers guests the opportunity to experience moments of relaxation and of course, of adventure and discovery in a privileged environment.

Desert Hotel

We have based our Desert Hotel design on an aesthetic that aims both to integrate the landscape, as well as satisfy a client who appreciates the good use of contemporary and elegant architectural lines and shapes.

The building is made up of eight longitudinal lines at different heights, within which the main facilities of the hotel are located. We take advantage of the land’s orography in proposing a terraced layout, which draws a series of waves upon the horizon, visually prolonging the surrounding dunes. In the most elevated part, in order to make the most of the views, we’ve placed two 2-storey blocks of rooms. The rest of services are arranged in a terraced manner until reaching the lake shore.

The hotel design is respectful of the environment, through energy efficiency. The climatic conduits are buried 2-meters deep, chilling the air that passes through them, using the ground’s thermal inertia to cool the rooms, thus minimizing energy consumption.