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CitySculpt 2

On this occasion we present a design produced by Amusement Logic’s Design Department for street furniture inspired by Japanese art, characterised by the colour white, blunt shapes, rounded edges and the elegance of curves.  It is the CitySculpt set.

CitySculpt 3

The use of the colour white acts as a serenity factor in the urban environment. At the same time, when integrated with flower beds and planters, the ensemble evokes the tranquillity of a garden. In addition, the design makes the elements of the street furniture ensemble take on biomorphic organic forms. It should be added that each module is broken down into smaller pieces, in a prefabricated construction, giving it an appealing industrial style.

CitySculpt 4

More than just street furniture, CitySculpt delimits spaces for rest and civic interaction. Strategically placed concave surfaces invite moments of relaxation. The fusion of distinctive shapes and soft lines enriches the environment, in a visual symphony that celebrates diversity.

CitySculpt 5