Published On: 25.01.2022|Categories: Company News|

Amusement Logic always takes special care to ensure that the projects it undertakes integrate both the architecture and its landscape environment. The design we present this month is a good example of this. Surrounded by a landscaped public space, with areas for strolling and relaxation, the building stands out here as a symbol of great visual strength. We always try to ensure that our architectural projects are elevated to the category of works of art, with the environment itself as another part of the ensemble. Thus, building and surroundings, organically integrated, represent spaces with different uses.

In this new architectural design, we have played with the softness of forms to create whimsical corners that envelop the building in a contemporary space. A large organic lattice makes up the main façade. This lattice, in addition to shaping the building’s exterior image with iconographic power, protects the building from the impact of solar radiation and thus reduces the building’s energy requirements for air conditioning. In addition, the well thought-out position and size of the openings, which follow the curves of the lattice, create a play of shadows in the interior.

On the outside, the design incorporates rows of simple linear benches. These allow for the contemplation of the various landscape settings, with abundant vegetation, fountains and walkways. The spaces add flexibility to the environment by opening and closing in on themselves. The clean and serene geometry of our design is accentuated by different heights and terraces on the surfaces preceding the building. The soft cream tones of the flooring contribute to this serenity. In short, an architectural ensemble that aspires to endure over time. We must not lose sight of the fact that, at the end of the day, the buildings we design and build today are tomorrow’s heritage.