Published On: 09.06.2022|Categories: Company News, New Products|

Amusement Logic proposes a new design to enjoy with the family, together with the little ones, some fun, colourful, bubble-shape structures. These are spherical structures made up of overlapping parallel strips. They will enliven the facilities of hotels and resorts, campsites, shopping centres and other leisure and tourist attractions. These are the Bubble Structure Playground.

The Bubble Structure Playgrounds have characteristic windows and coloured glass, which paint the light and add a fun touch to the interior. The design proposes different compositions for the spheres, so that they can be combined to create routes and small labyrinths in public spaces, hotels and resorts, campsites, shopping centres and leisure and tourism complexes. Games or even small pools can be incorporated inside them, so that children can play and cool off in the hottest moments of the day.

By Rebeca Pérez, designer in Amusement Logic’s Design Dept.