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At Amusement Logic we always place people as protagonists in the building designs we undertake. The different spaces that make up our projects are distributed according to a design whose central axis is the practical use and enjoyment of its occupants, so that they can savour unforgettable moments. In the project that we present on this occasion, these spaces are intended for the escape and relaxation of the guests, the absolute protagonists, that is to say, friends, couples and all other fun-seekers.

For them we designed a nightclub, with lines and shapes typical of contemporary architecture, which seek maximum sophistication and exclusivity, without sacrificing the functional purpose. Although there are magnificent nightclubs in the world, in our opinion, exceptional lighting and sound are no longer enough to elevate them to the category of unique. Instead, to achieve that status, it is necessary to offer guests an overall experience in addition to that provided by light and sound. In this case, our design makes this possible through the privilege of a building that is itself an extraordinary and, above all, emblematic environment.

Or to put it another way, the building becomes an experience in itself. Our nightclub proposal ultimately offers an immersive experience, an immersive nightlife universe that stands out from its surroundings and offers a service beyond the conventional, beyond the expected. In addition to the extraordinary building on the outside, the guests, its true protagonists, will find an exquisite design in the interior of the nightclub, composed with highest quality materials and through the choice of exclusive furniture.