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A waterpark is a small universe where, by the art of magic, everything seems prepared to allow you to spend an unforgettable time; rides, pools, landscaping, signage, everything.

Everything that is, except the buildings.

In waterparks, the buildings house services such as lockers, changing rooms, restaurants and bathrooms, and they are usually treated as civil works with traditional construction. For guests, the excitement starts when they leave the changing room and enter into the aquatic area. It seems that waterpark designers have agreed upon the magic starting on exiting the changing room, not on entering the waterpark’s entrance building.

At Amusement Logic, we have proposed to subvert this trend, making waterpark buildings share the magic of the surroundings, containing and even improving costs. For this, we use a large dose of creativity: we combine moveable and prefabricated elements with scenographic structures that breathe life into and give sense to the building. The classic appearance of civil works gives way to more contemporary shapes and they welcome in guests from the car park.