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We’re working on the architectonic project of an emblematic building destined for housing a Cultural Centre, which includes a library, media-library, exhibition and education spaces, as well as a staged area suitable for both theatre and concert productions.

Our challenge is to achieve an emblematic and elegant visual appearance, without reducing the complex’s functionality, or entailing exorbitant and unaffordable costs. An attractive façade structure formed by an ensemble of walkways and terraces, creates a permeable surround around the building perimeter.

Next to the building, a double-helix access-core filters the flow of traffic to the different areas of the Cultural Centre. On the one hand, this allows independent opening hours to be established for the different uses that the centre has, and on the other, it breaks with the traditional circulation of visitors, by proposing alterative itineraries. The building’s upper terraces become part of the surrounding public space, with rest zones next to small gardens, eating areas and terraces from where to enjoy the views.

The exterior space becomes a pleasant experience throughout. The terraces, in most part covered, are wide and they allow communication and use as an extension of the different centre activities.

Furthermore, the façade is adapted to the lighting needs of the different areas of the building and it operates as a temperature regulator.