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Amusement Logic is currently developing a large resort in Bangladesh, a leisure complex and perfect destination for weekend breaks or enjoying a short holiday. These are the figures that define it: a total built area of 35,910 m2, 6 floors, 343 rooms of which 292 are standard, 12 duplexes and 39 bungalows (3 VIP), 10 indoor restaurants for some 2,674 diners and 2 exterior areas for banquets. There is also a lake, over whose waters the 39 bungalows extend, with a cybernetic fountain that combines lights and jets.

This hotel, which the client decided to build next to the water park they own, will be a lure for local as well as national and foreign tourism. Additionally, it will allow park visitors’ average stays to be prolonged, as it will provide them with a special place to spend the night. The hotel is also aimed at business sector guests, in a place where there is a lack of hotels. At the same time, it offers halls and spaces suitable for holding banquets and conventions.

The design, theming and landscaping of the large resort was marked by the character of the waterpark itself and the place’s facilities. Inspired by the spell of traditional Pacific island buildings, such as the bai of the Republic of Palau or the over-water huts found in many of them, our architects and designers have shaped it to fit the ensemble.

Furthermore, the construction of such a resort must take into account multiple factors. On the one hand, the building must represent an iconic element, a conspicuous pillar of the urban context where it is located. In this case, its particular and striking character makes it a symbol of wellbeing, peaceful experiences and exquisite comfort. On the other hand, it was necessary to bear in mind all the aspects of its intricate operation. With 10 restaurants and 2 outdoor banquet areas, it is easy to imagine the complexity and challenge of designing the complex in Bangladesh.

One of the project’s particularities has required our technicians’ special care: the need to provide the bungalows and lake area with sufficient privacy. To this end, we created and placed landscaping barriers. We also established a layout that allows each unit to watch the cybernetic fountain’s shows whilst safeguarding their privacy. Furthermore, in an “even more difficult” situation, we have managed to make these shows also visible to the diners, who make use of the outdoor banquet space.

In any case, and in accordance with the client’s wishes, the general objectives that guide our work are those of optimising the resort’s capacity, its orientation towards large segments of the public and longer stays, and at the same time, flexible and versatile operation. All to facilitate the investment’s future profitability. The result is this hotel, a grand resort, a great monument to efficiency.