Published On: 09.03.2015|Categories: Company News|

With this design we propose adapting traditional architectonic elements to a modular metallic structure, bolted in its entirety, with prefabricated platforms in galvanised and lacquered steel. This configuration of arcades adds elegance and lightness to the design, creating a very different look to that of a typical quadrangular braced tower.

On a construction level, the use of arches improves resistance to earthquakes and other vibrations. This proposal allows any height and also the combination the paint colours of the different joints, railings and prefabricated posts. The system even allows the concrete platforms to be poured on the ground, before being installed by crane. The range of handrails, independently from the protection barriers, allow for different configurations to be used, such as lacquered steel, stainless steel, wood or other types of materials to enhance the tower’s uniqueness, at a cost that is similar to conventional ones.

The concept of cantilever platforms is designed to be coordinated with the slides’ structure, substituting the typical horizontal braced arms with this new type of technology of arched arms, so that the whole structure becomes a large vault, or a forest of metallic trees with branches at different heights.