Published On: 05.10.2015|Categories: Company News|

This collection is a new and lovely way of equipping children’s pools. Far removed from the traditional collections of unconnected figures that we usually see in these play areas, we have designed entire families of species that really cohabit in natural spaces, providing these areas with certain credibility, making the experience more real and intimate.

In this image you can see how a pool looks, which has been decorated with farm animals; the Aquafarm collection. There are cows, horses, sheep, goats, dogs, ducks, amongst many others, in different shapes, postures and with optional aquatic elements.

Each piece is manufactured with our 3DTECH Technology, which is ideal for this type of figures thanks to their impact-absorption capacity due to their greater elasticity with respect to conventional and more rigid materials. They are extremely easy to install, thanks to their unique elastic hydraulic connection. They are fixed to the pool with hidden metallic anchors.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote and to find out how these friendly animals would look in your pool.