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Maintaining comfort inside buildings battered by relatively extreme weather conditions, is undoubtedly a considerable challenge. Traditional architecture has tackled it through the use of wide walls and overhangs, elements with which it managed to reduce the impact of these conditions, including intense solar radiation. Whereas today, double glazing and/or various insulation systems on façades are common. However, the appearance of new materials and innovative construction systems makes a variety of solutions available to architects and designers, that are both creative and challenging. Amongst them, for example, the use of formulas that are found in or inspired by nature.

So, as if it were an animal’s skin, the architectural skin that we propose on this occasion will fulfil decisive functions for the protection of the building’s body and therefore, its habitability. It will protect its interior from inclement weather conditions and will capture and absorb solar radiation. From an aesthetic perspective, it will also disguise and beautify its external appearance. This new skin will also regulate the entry of draughts and protect the interior of the property, during the days of harsh winter. For this we have been inspired by the arrangement of bird feathers and we have conceived a façade made with modules that resemble the ribs of a fan.

This series of modules are mounted on a kinetic system, so that the assembly automatically responds to daily changes in solar radiation. The modules are precisely sized, not just for easy placement, but for precise control of their regulatory effect. At the end of the day, their size is inversely proportional to the accuracy in the control of climatic conditions. Thus, each module, about the size of a window, can also be folded or unfolded according to the lighting needs of the room where it is located. However, the system’s versatility allows its size to be adapted and shaped to suit each particular project, or to cover the area of ​​any façade.

Beyond its beauty, the priority we have set ourselves in this design is the installation’s longevity, for which there are contributory factors, such as the quality of the material and the ease of its maintenance. We must not forget that, as well as being the building’s face, the façade also constitutes its main access. A harmonious design will not only invite you to feel embraced within the building’s interior, but will allow a memorable connection with your audience. So here we leave you this façade with unique geometries, which will not only make the building a landmark of the urban landscape, but a more liveable and sustainable place.