Amusement Logic is 20 years old

The 18th of November was a different kind of Friday for us, as we celebrated 20 years since Amusement Logic was founded. Since we started in 1996, we have enjoyed many happy moments, but this anniversary marks a very special milestone for our company.

Whilst 20 years are a reflection of business maturity, the extraordinary team that comprises this great family allows us to rejuvenate each year, projecting us towards the future as one of the main players in our sector, forever enthusiastic and open to facing any challenge.

As you can imagine, the anecdotes of our experiences during these 20 years would fill numerous Newsletters! But if we must choose one thing to hang onto, it would be the satisfaction of seeing the company grow, thanks to the incredible work and passion of all of us who form part of it.

We weren’t lucky enough to be able to celebrate with the entire team, as all those colleagues currently working on projects across the globe were missing. We would also like to dedicate this article to them.

Likewise, we would like to thank all those who have trusted in us during the last two decades, our Clients on the 5 continents, to our Suppliers and all our allies, without whom this would not have been possible.

Here’s to the new projects to which we will dedicate at least another 20 years…because these last 20 have been simply amazing.