Published On: 04.04.2017|Categories: Company News, New Products|

We are introducing a new modular system for the development of an elevated Acrobatic Course. Its main allure is the freedom of design, allowing the creation of a course beyond traditional geometries and the proposal of all sorts of theming options, in a simple and cost-effective way.

In these pictures you can see an urban theme, where visitors will climb around between skyscrapers.

adventure track

We can configure paths that are atypical, even fractal. The platforms allow forks, which allow the user to choose different routes and levels of difficulty. In addition, our exclusive guided-lane system ensures that the user can never let go. This guarantees user safety and reduces the number of monitors needed for its operation.

adventure track 2

The AGT allows the user new forms of play, as users can slide suspended from the track, either horizontally or in a slope, emulating a zipline.