Published On: 02.08.2017|Categories: Company News|

Nordotel Cinco Plazas in Lanzarote, has added a new splash-pad to its facilities. Replacing a children’s pool whose appeal had faded after several years in existence, this play-area has breathed new life into the hotel’s aquatic spaces.


The hotel’s management was very clear about the need to have a place where children could enjoy themselves in a safe and accessible environment, which is why they contacted Amusement Logic. We proposed creating a splash-pad for them, because of the advantages that this type of installation offers over traditional pools:

Creation of a safer and more attractive area for the hotel’s young guests
Family-friendly accessible space to be enjoyed by everyone, even non-swimmers
Elimination of pool repair costs and lifeguards

The steps to achieving this successful conversion were the following:

Definition of the splash-pad’s user age-range. This allowed us to get an idea of the action the splash-pad would have.
Selection of the games specially designed for splash-pads, to create an area of interactive attractions.
Revision of the existing hydraulic installation. In this way we were able to optimise investment, by reusing the equipment already installed.

In these pictures we can see what the facility was like before work started and the change it underwent. The end result is fantastic; with many children being able to enjoy the splash-pad in what was a previously limited space. We offer leisure solutions for any type of facility, converting spaces into “experiences”.