A different FEC: Fantasy bites


We have been entrusted with the complete development of a latest-generation FEC in the Middle East, annexed to a luxury restaurant. Amusement Logic’s team has set to work designing the best fantasy for children, games that are true sculpted works of art, devised from scratch and studied carefully to adjust to our client’s requirements and the available space.

The theming is mainly based on food items: ice creams, pastries and sweets, which are always attractive to children, full of colour and play opportunities. Teapots, cupcakes, lollipops, little chocolate house and candies, which become the characters and places of a fantastical world.


Kids can climb, slide, balance or swing. Circuits and different scenarios are created with their own personality which give rise to child-friendly stories and fantasies. The density of visually attractive and play stimuli create motivating spaces and hours of fun.

The selection of motifs and themes is conditioned by the users’ ages, by the comfort of their carers and by the spaces’ size and layout, which seek to completely immerse the kids in a fantasy atmosphere that is fun and entertaining.

The different scenarios, areas and games are designed to that they can be named, recognised and explored by the children, encouraging their sociability, creativity and intelligence when problem-solving.