Published On: 04.11.2015|Categories: Company News|

At Amusement Logic we design future realities. Part of our job is to know the tools that we have available to show our clients what will be the final result of our work; the design that demonstrates the suitability and beauty of the concept. We began some decades ago using artistic illustrations, a method with exceptional expressive qualities that we continue to use successfully.

However, visualisation methods have evolved and our clients have learnt to perceive and comprehend scenarios reproduced in 3D virtual reality, which are present in publicity and cinema thanks to advances in the latest technologies in the computer production and animation of images.

Since its origins, cinematographic experience has been the ideal medium for understanding our surrounding world of reality, its landscapes, sensations and environments. The way in which scene-montage technique has developed, scenes are no longer read separately like illustrations in a presentation, but are joined together thematically to provide a unique visual experience.

3D virtual animation is ideal for visualising and understanding a project’s diverse environments, volumes, experiences and sensations and Amusement has become a specialist in its artistic and technical development. Understanding the production processes of a 3D video and being able to define a project’s reality in the most meticulous detail, has been a unique creative experience.

In future articles we will analyse in detail the different technical and artistic resources used in our videos, a voyage through a territory of unique and exciting artistic expression.