Published On: 18.11.2021|Categories: Company News|

Amusement Logic, who turns 25 this November 2021, forms part of tourism and leisure history. For two and a half decades, our organisation has accompanied the tourism and leisure industry, not only to make the world’s holiday destinations more attractive, but even creating them in some cases. Amusement Logic’s large team has of course contributed to this collective adventure, along with suppliers, business partners and customers spread over 5 continents. This track record is now backed by some 350 projects in water parks, animal parks, theme and amusement parks, adventure parks, hotels and resorts, campsites and shopping centres.

Over the last 25 years, tourism has experienced exponential growth. Whilst in 1996, the year Amusement Logic was founded, the total number of travellers arriving at tourist destinations around the world was 575 million, in recent years it has risen to over 1.4 billion, or 244% more. Although it would be long and complex to quantify all the factors that have been involved in this evolution, (socio-economic and otherwise), what we can undoubtedly say is that the data reflect a 25-year success story of international tourism. We at Amusement Logic have contributed to this success with our projects and our efforts.

But it is not only the projects we have completed that make up our track record as a company specialising in the design, architecture and construction of projects for leisure and tourism. We have also devoted a large part of our efforts over the last 25 years to innovation, development and research. We have created the world’s first artificial canyoning circuits; Canyonings. We’ve developed our own technology for Lazy Rivers or Wave Pools and we have also applied new technologies to create unique theming elements. Additionally, we have a long list of new attractions and products in development, such as The Rapids whitewater circuits, the Smurf Splash Pad, themed in accordance with the Smurfs’ intellectual property, the spectacular Amusement Megapools, or the magical FunBox for children to enjoy a fun and safe environment. All of them are facilities destined to take over tourist destinations in the coming years.

Although we are 25 years old, our story continues. Our team of architects and designers, our technicians, all the administrative and commercial staff, the management and our collaborators, all the people who are part of this great adventure, are looking forward to the coming years and new projects. On behalf of them all, we would like to dedicate a single word to our followers, to our readers, to the members of the tourism and leisure sectors in which our activity is developed, to our clients and external collaborators, without whom we would not have reached this point: THANK YOU.