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Enrique Perlado Campos, from the Aqualandia-Mundomar Foundation

Enrique Perlado Campos is the head of the Mundomar Foundation, a private non-profit foundation, with headquarters in the animal park of the same name, in Benidorm (Spain). The ultimate goal of this entity is to promote the care, conservation and preservation of nature and the environment, especially in the area of marine biology. We talked with him and this is what he told us: Amusement Logic: Let’s look back first; when and how did the Foundation begin? How has it evolved throughout the years? Enrique Perlado Campos: The Mundomar Foundation began in 2001, to develop free dolphin-therapy programs for kids [...]

April 2019. The baby gorilla born in BIOPARC Valencia is one week old and is male

These days the picture in the gorilla enclosure of BIOPARC valencia is bursting with tenderness with the presence of the baby gorilla born last Thursday, 11th of April. Despite the “fragility” of such a small creature and necessary caution in these cases, during the first week he was shown strength and vitality, and the expert mom, Ali, behaves with such diligence and delicacy that she amazes the many people that approach to contemplate. The naturalness and confidence with which Ali is acting, has allowed to verify the sex of the baby, since on several occasions he has been seen very [...]

Coco, the baby chimpanzee of Bioparc Valencia, turns 8 months old.

Coco, the little chimpanzee in the equatorial forest of Bioparc Valencia, turns 8 months old. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viTbU_h9Ikc Son of Moreno and Noelia, his birth is very important for the subspecies Pan troglodytes verus, in danger of extinction and a priority in the European conservation programme. COCO today is an icon of commitment to the preservation of the planet's biodiversity and of commitment to animal welfare, not only for species at risk of extinction but for all those animals that live with us.

21st century zoos

In the future, zoos will be very different to how we know them today. For several decades, it has been shown that animals’ captivity affects their well-being and life expectancy and also, in some cases they suffer due to the terrible conditions in which they live. The increase of society’s awareness and respect for animals, means each day there’s greater concern for preserving and caring for their welfare, but we’re still far from this reality. With the aim of showing that there are other ways of building zoos, better adapted to the times in which we live, the Archstorming team [...]

Extension of Valencia’s Bioparc

It’s a great pride and honour for us to collaborate once more with Bioparc in Valencia, one of Europe’s best zoological parks and one of the first to be constructed using zoo-immersion criteria. It is a zoo-design trend, where visitors are totally submerged into wild habitats, recreated without visual barriers. The park is about to undergo a significant extension, including areas of aerial and aquatic adventure, with the intention of widening the leisure activities on offer to the numerous visitors that Bioparc welcomes. Here’s the link to an article published recently in the local press (article in Spanish).

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