Tema: Flying taxi

Amusement Logic anticipates the challenges of the future: SkyPort

Flights with aero-taxis and personal air-transport systems will become safe and feasible in a few years and they will give rise to the need for approved urban spaces, which allow agile and safe connection networks to be established. This network of urban airports will be formed by different kinds of stations, depending on traffic density and the number of connections; large autonomous stations in newly constructed buildings will be combined with small stations that could be applied to existing buildings. This month, we’re presenting an architectural project that anticipates future challenges. Our Skyport project has eight independent stations that allow [...]

The first journey of the flying taxi

On 31st January, the Airbus Vahana made its first flight at more than 5m, with a duration of 53 seconds. The flight was completely self-guided and it was repeated the next day. Announced in December 2016, the project has had a short development time for its relevance in the world of urban mobility, which demonstrates the great interest shown by this aviation giant in this new concept. [cmsmasters_embed shortcode_id="a6db0sij7" link="https://vimeo.com/218066461" wrap="true" animation_delay="0"] The aim of this new means of transport is to democratise personal flight and make use of technology to cover the increasing need for urban mobility. Vahana has [...]

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